Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.
— B.K.S lyengar


Having explored different styles of yoga over the years I see the benefits to each. My personal practice is guided by how I’m feeling and what’s happening in my life. My experience has been that breath with movement gently opens the body and as movements slow down, subtle sensations are perceived. As we quiet the mind, awareness grows and we’re able to unravel and let go of old patterns, thoughts, ideas. My practice has open doors to meditation, pranayama and Yogic philosophy which I look to for inspiration and support on a daily basis.

I have happily watched Yoga permeate daily life and improve my health and perspective. Tantrik philosophy requires students to be curious, question and contemplate to arrive at an experiential knowing. It is with this philosophy that I teach and ask students to join with an open heart and playful mind.

Step by step we build strength, flexibility and awareness. Classes are challenging but always accessible. I aim to cultivate a slow and strong rhythm so students can experience deep awareness, mental focus and physical grace.

I’m based in London, UK. Current public classes below. Please enquire for private classes.

Monday @ Total Chi 18:20-19:35 Vinyasa flow, 19:40-20:40 Vinyasa flow

Wednesday @ Total Chi 18:30 Beginner’s yoga, 19:35 Vinyasa flow


“It is such a pleasure to practice yoga with Miki. She is passionate, shares all the knowledge she has about the poses for you to improve and very importantly teach with careful attention to the breathing. All the classes are different and Miki always brings new poses. At the end of each class, you feel very relaxed and happy. This is my weekly oxygen bubble and my body is very thankful for that!” Carine

“I've been attending Miki's class for around six months and the bottom line is I've made significant progress in my own yoga journey during that time. Her classes are challenging, yet attainable,  open and fun. Her ability to also provide tailored advice has led me to my personal improvements, which I look forward to building upon in the future.” James, Software Developer

“For me I consider a class with Miki is a privilege - she leaves you feeling it was a one to one experience. She has a personal magnetism and professionalism leaving you no option but to keep returning to her in order to find yourself and rejuvenate your muscles that only sound yoga practice can deliver.” Guy, Photographer