One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well
— Virginia Woolf


My approach to nutrition is personalised and holistic. Our individual histories and stories shape the health of our brains, hearts and bodies. Environment, lifestyle or even a viral infection fifteen years ago can affect our health in this moment. Nutritional therapy clinically assesses imbalances in the body that cause dysfunction and uses nutrients in food to correct and bring the body to a state of homeostasis and proper function.  

Food is such a pleasure and every bite can be nourishing and delicious. I prioritise whole foods and recipes using techniques that are most beneficial for health. I always try to work with a plan that makes sense for you. The goal is to make the plan effective, straightforward and easy to accomplish no matter your lifestyle or current diet. I’ll work with you to develop positive habits and pragmatic behaviours. Education is key to making healthy choices easy. I work with individuals who have specific conditions and with those who are trying to optimise health.

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“Miki laid the ground for me to lose over two stone in only a few months - she gave me that essential mindset and a road to achieve my target of being fit inside and outside- nothing seemed impossible to achieve even eating what I should and shouldn’t be! I would wish everyone to embrace her style of living.” Guy L. Photographer